New students are welcomed at all year levels

Changing schools can be a daunting process and we encourage you and your child to visit often before you start. For example, if your child is due to start at the beginning of the year, orientation days are held at the end of the previous year. This can ensure that your child is looking forward to returning to the new school and to feel secure and happy over the holidays.

Our specialist Japanese teachers assist new students to catch up with Japanese language instruction. These one-on-one sessions ensure that students joining Caulfield Primary at any year level are not disadvantaged.

new prep kids

We are currently taking enrolments for next year and beyond.


If you are considering Caulfield Primary School for your child next year, please complete an enrolment form as soon as possible and forward it to the school.

Open Days

Two Open Days are held in March and May respectively. If you miss the Open Days, please join a tour.


The Principal holds school tours every fortnight, from March to November. Tours provide a wonderful opportunity to see classrooms in action, meet students and ask questions.

CPS Designated boundary

In Victoria, all children are entitled to be enrolled at their designated neighbourhood school as a right under legislation. To find out if Caulfield Primary is your designated neighbourhood school please visit

You can still request enrolment at CPS if you are outside our zone, but we can only accept your enrolment if there is sufficient capacity at the school in the proposed year of entry, and we may not be able to advise this until late in the year prior to your child’s requested entry.

If we have some capacity, but not enough to fit everyone from outside our zone, we will use the Victorian Department of Education’s Department Placement Policy to determine acceptance of enrolments.

To confirm a permanent address on enrolment forms, the School, all enrolment forms must be accompanied by evidence of permanent residence including:

  1. A copy of  a rental agreement,unconditional sale notice or rates notice; and
  2. A copy of two of the following:
    • electoral enrolment confirmation;
    • a utilities bill; or
    • other official documentation that demonstrates permanent residency at that address such as a driver’s license or health care card.

Documents should show the same address and parent’s/carer’s name as recorded on enrolment application form.


At Caulfield Primary School, Prep orientation is an exciting and enjoyable lead up to the start of school, which each Prep child will remember as the special time when Caulfield Primary became ‘their school’.

Prep Transition begins in Term 4 with children attending four, two-hour sessions. At the first session, parents are invited to attend a morning tea and information session, while the children meet their teachers for some special activities. The remaining three sessions focus on establishing a rapport with the teacher and getting to know friends in class. The children are ‘buddied’ with older students who will be their mentors during their first term at school.

The last session includes a celebratory lunch for new and existing children and parents.

In recent years, play dates have been held in the school grounds over the holidays, providing important opportunities for children and parents to get to know each other, and for the children to become more familiar with the school environment.

New parents often have lots of questions about school. Perhaps you are unsure about lunchboxes, uniforms or how to help in the classroom? Members of the Parents & Friends Club are available to call each new parent to see if there is anything they would like to know.

Full details of session dates and times are forwarded to all future-enrolled Prep student families in Term 3.
prep orientation

We look forward to welcoming you and your child.


Caulfield Primary School is committed to providing a supportive and caring learning environment for its international students. Our school community is active and vibrant with many opportunities for all family members to be involved.

Our Principal, Mr Peter Gray, is responsible for monitoring all academic progress and welfare of our International students, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss the ways in which Caulfield Primary can support and educate your child.

Parents are key partners in their child’s education and are encouraged to help in the classroom, join committees and be involved in a range of educational and social activities. International students have the opportunity to share in the fun of learning English alongside our students and are encouraged to participate in many whole school, well-being and community-based activities.

As an English Japanese bilingual school we are privileged to offer a rich education in another language and culture. Sport, incursions, excursions, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Information & Communication Technology and Camp are many of the activities in which our students participate.

Caulfield Primary School meets all Department of Education & Training (DET) policies and guidelines in relation to International Student needs.