Vote for CPS’s “Project Mottainai” in ‘Pick My Project’!

Caulfield Primary School’s “Project Mottainai”, is on the list of eligible projects for the Victorian Government’s ‘Pick My Project’ scheme. This scheme is providing funding to many worthwhile projects, voted for by the community. Project Mottainai aims to bring the essence of the Japanese Culture that is inherent in our bilingual school, to the War on Waste, and thereby increase the Sustainability of our school and wider community. ‘Mottainai’ is an important aspect of Japanese Culture that relates to the use of all resources in a respectful manner, such that we do not waste the precious gifts of the earth. ‘Mottainai’ envelopes the 3 Rs of western concepts of sustainability,- Reduce, Re-use and Recycle and adds a very import 4th R – Respect.

“Project Mottainai” includes:

 Reinvigorating our food garden and composting equipment

 Setting up a recycling station

 A Launch at our “Zero Waste” Fete in 2019, and

 Sharing with our local and school community.


How to Vote for CPS

Go to the Pick My Project website

The CPS project is here

Voters get to choose 3 projects and each vote is equal. To vote, click ‘Register’ on the top right. You will need to register with an individual email address and mobile phone number. Registration is for anyone who lives in Victoria aged 16 or over. Then you get to choose from projects within a 5km radius of where you place your location pin. You can place the location pin on your house or on Caulfield Primary School.To vote, you submit your 3 selected projects. A 4-digit verification code will be sent to your mobile phone. You need to enter this code to complete your vote.

Voting closes at 5pm on Monday 17 September. If you need help, please see or call 1800 797 818. Translation assistance is available.

Please share with your friends, neighbours and family and encourage them to vote. Thank you for embracing the philosophy of ‘Mottainai’ and supporting Caulfield Primary School!